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4 products. 1 platform.
For instant help at work.

Integrate apps, docs, and wikis for on-the-spot bot support, connect effortlessly to help desks and knowledge repositories, and streamline SaaS operations with advanced AI technology

Your users deserve a better AI chatbot

Resolve issues fast, boost team efficiency, and delight users with AI chatbots and automations.


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Training LLMs in
Your Enterprise Vocabulary

The platform efficiently identifies and integrates unique business elements like identity maps, distribution lists, conference room names, software directories, and more, enhancing each prompt with tailored company context.

Speed and Efficiency with Smart Hosting

Paillor introduces an innovative framework for compact, fine-tuned models, ensuring enhanced performance and reduced latency for a fast, efficient user experience.

Access a Spectrum of LLMs

Explore top-tier performance with a wide range of advanced large language models (LLMs) and gain access to an exclusive selection of elite LLMs.


Powerful and flexible

Workflows are deeply customizable so you can build personalized journeys that deliver real value for your users.

Unified Model Training

Leveraging secure training data from 1M+ support tickets, 10B+ bot interactions, and 10M+ corporate assets, our language models are precisely tailored to the workplace's distinct terminology.

AI Chatbot knows your need

An AI chatbot not only integrates and centralizes your platforms as a key contact point for users but also adapts to your needs, becoming more intelligent with time.

Chatbot, it's become an indispensable ally for our employees. It's available at any hour to offer immediate assistance with a range of issues, from IT troubleshooting to policy clarifications as one shop to go. This constant support has made a noticeable difference in self-sufficiency within our teams, almost like there’s a digital colleague who’s always ready to help.v

Chief Technology Officer

Retail Firm

7200+ Employee

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