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Help Desk

Maximize productivity
with an AI-enhanced inbox

Connect your inbox, tickets, and help center into one central, AI-enhanced workspace— so you can get more done, faster.


Everything you need from ticketing software

Get going in minutes

Get started effortlessly with no setup time or installation needed. Accelerate your tasks with our ready-to-use templates and productivity-boosting tools, including ticket views, approval workflows, and automation.

Easier than your inbox

Ensure seamless user conversations without missing a beat. Transition discussions from your inbox, Slack, or Microsoft Teams directly into Paillor Service Management's unified queue. This integration streamlines your reducing back-and-forth exchanges and increasing the resolution rate of tickets.

Many teams, one platform

Paillor's platform enhances operational workflows by seamlessly connecting a range of processes, including planning, collaboration, management, and IT service support, through advanced automation, an extensive knowledge base, and cutting-edge AI technology.

Deliver personalized support fast

Optimize ticket management, prioritization, and resolution on a large scale with a comprehensive workspace. This platform enables agents to operate efficiently, concentrate on critical issues, and provide tailored support through Slack, Microsoft Teams, or email.


Use cases in Inbox for instant access

Paillor streamlines business interactions with third-party applications, offering seamless integration directly within ticketing system. Effortlessly create accounts, manage licenses, and assign user roles, all designed to optimize operations and enhance time efficiency.

Your team’s new AI assistant

Paillor AI enhances your inbox by quickly summarizing conversations, crafting personalized replies, and autofilling ticket details, saving you time and elevating user support.


Bring teams together for the future
of hybrid work

Integrating Paillor across IT, HR, Facilities, and Legal departments streamlines operations by reducing the dependency on numerous tools and provides a uniform service experience for employees.

Deflect Knowledge base and optimize agent workload

Enhance user support by integrating a scalable knowledge base and tailored use cases into Slack or Microsoft Teams for a personalized self-service experience.


Leverage proactive AI-driven insights to optimize support

Boost support operations and identify potential issues with proactive AI insights. Harness generative AI to continuously analyze interactions, oversee quality, and achieve reduced TCO.


From live chat directly from Slack, Ms Team or via email are easily accessible from the inbox

Move seamlessly between tickets and conversations

Convert a conversation to a ticket, send forms, and automatically share real-time updates with your employees via the bot and email.


Use our visual builder to automate your team’s workload with assignment rules, SLAs, time-saving bots, and more.

Team collaboration

Collaborate better as a team with our future-forward interface, streamlined workflows, and smart automation that allow your agents to connect with employees from the same Inbox.


Real-time dashboards and monitoring views make it easy to take action and optimize your team’s performance.

Voice and Video call

Initiate voice or video calls directly from the app, delivering impactful support with sharp, 4K quality communications, ensuring every interaction is as effective as being there in person.

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