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AI-Powered IT Efficiency: Smart self-help service desk solutions

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Help Desk

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Paillor consolidates your IT content, tools, and automation by combining four solutions—Company Wiki, SaaS Automations, Help Desk, and AI Chatbot. This enables IT technicians and managers to automate requests with AI on behalf of employees while providing excellent support to end-users and resolving their problems in the chat without human intervention.

With Paillor, IT Service teams gain a single, trusted platform that connects your tools, knowledge, automation, and more—empowering employees to self-serve information, utilize automation, and increase productivity.

Key benefits of Paillor


Optimize Your IT Service Desk for High-Volume Teams

Elevate self-service to new heights with IT Assist, your central hub for all employee-facing resources such as knowledge bases, articles, FAQs, and forms. Harness the power of automation to identify and manage repetitive or anticipated issues through smart triaging, delivering resolutions with remarkable accuracy around the clock.

IT Assist enhances support by offering personalized interactions, tailored to each user's specific needs based on their role, location, permissions, and more. Empower your team with the tools they need to succeed, ensuring a seamless support experience for every employee.

Work With

+ More


saved for every support
request answered by Paillor


reduction in call volume for IT and HR teams overall with Paillor


reduction in Level 1, 40% reduction in Level 2 support inquiries

Customized Support with Advanced Ticketing System

Streamline your support process with Paillor's advanced ticketing system, designed to refine ticket handling, prioritization, and resolution across a wide scale. Benefit from an all-encompassing workspace that empowers agents to work effectively, focus on urgent matters, and deliver customized support via Slack, Microsoft Teams, or email.


Use cases in Inbox for instant access

Paillor streamlines business interactions with third-party applications, offering seamless integration directly within ticketing system. Effortlessly create accounts, manage licenses, and assign user roles, all designed to optimize operations and enhance time efficiency.

Take the hassle out of accessing your account

Whether you need proactive notifications or reactive password resets, Paillor’s AI Copilot makes accessing your account the quickest task of your day. 


Your team’s new AI assistant

Paillor AI enhances your inbox by quickly summarizing conversations, crafting personalized replies, and autofilling ticket details, saving you time and elevating user support.


Enhance IT Service Desk efficiency with direct live chat from Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Email - simplify your ticket management.


Boost IT Service Desk productivity using our intuitive automation tools. Streamline tasks with smart assignment, SLA adherence, and time-saving bots.

Move seamlessly between tickets and conversations

Streamline IT ticketing with our solution: turn conversations to tickets, update instantly, and maintain clear communication with your IT team.

Voice and Video call

Leverage our app for clear 4K calls, making remote IT support as personal as face-to-face interaction.


Advance IT Service Desk performance with real-time dashboards & system/user tracking.


Team collaboration

Elevate IT Service Desk cooperation with our advanced tools, smart workflows, and automation. Keep agents in sync within a unified system.

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