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Knowledge Base

Replace your wiki with an AI-powered knowledge platform

Paillor takes your company’s collective knowledge and utilizes AI to create a reliable single source of truth and proactively pushes relevant and timely information to your team right within their workflows.


Find everything faster with Paillor

Works where you do

Paillor seamlessly integrates with your existing tools, ensuring effortless access and capture of information from any source.

Generate content

Elevate your business documentation instantly with AI that analyzes your support tickets to uncover valuable insights, tailored specifically to your needs.

Create useful articles

Provide accurate, impactful guidance through documentation, offering employees step-by-step, self-service solutions.

Instant answers

Unlock the next level of enterprise search with Paillor's advanced natural language processing capabilities. Effortlessly sift through your knowledge base and a vast array of external tools and apps to deliver precise, comprehensive responses to intricate queries. With Paillor, not only do you get accurate answers, but the platform also archives this verified knowledge, making future searches faster and more efficient.


Connect the source of your Enterprise

Paillor enhances enterprise search capabilities by seamlessly integrating with essential knowledge bases like Confluence, Google Drive, SharePoint, and more, offering trusted and advanced solutions for efficiently navigating vast information repositories.

Collaborative editing & flexible drafting

Enhance and refresh information instantly with stakeholders, leveraging built-in AI for automatic jargon elimination, article condensation, and content enhancement in mere seconds.


in-context knowledge

Paillor instantly presents essential information for all web applications utilized by your team, providing AI-driven responses on any website or directly within your chat application.

Fast, comprehensive analytics

Gain insights into how your team utilizes content and its impact on performance, while keeping your knowledge base streamlined with smart duplicate detection.


An intelligent one-stop shop portal.

Integrate essential business knowledge into a branded, customizable platform, offering a comprehensive self-service and engagement hub.

Get instant AI Answers from your content

An intuitive AI-powered engine that swiftly navigates your company's information landscape, providing accurate and reliable information on demand.

Add trust to your company knowledge with verification

Quality information is akin to a reliable friend: dependable and trustworthy. Paillor ensures content accuracy through a dedicated verification layer, while automated reminders assist SMEs in maintaining up-to-date information.

Keep tabs on what your team is searching for with expert review

Paillor empowers administrators by highlighting the queries employees search for that yield no results, simplifying the process of identifying and addressing knowledge gaps.

Push relevant info where needed with knowledge triggers

Leverage targeted keywords and automated triggers to deliver vital information to your team within their workflow, guided by predefined criteria.

Write like a pro with AI-powered content assist

Experience the ease of a generative AI-powered writing assistant. Effortlessly create, translate, enhance, and summarize content on intricate subjects like never before.

Send critical, unmissable updates with announcements.

Efficiently distribute up-to-date information to teams, individuals, or all employees while tracking their engagement through a personalized, AI-powered homepage tailored for each employee.

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