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Achieve immediate resolution of employees' IT issues and support requests with seamless automation, courtesy of conversational AI

Company Wiki

SaaS Automation

Help Desk

AI Chatbot

IT Teams

Paillor consolidates your IT content, tools, and automation by combining four solutions—Company Wiki, SaaS Automations, Help Desk, and AI Chatbot. This enables IT technicians and managers to automate requests with AI on behalf of employees while providing excellent support to end-users and resolving their problems in the chat without human intervention.

With Paillor, IT teams gain a single, trusted platform that connects your tools, knowledge, automation, and more—empowering employees to self-serve information, utilize automation, and increase productivity.

Key capabilities for IT Teams

Accelerate IT Service
for high – on – volume teams

Put self service on autopilot. IT Assist brings all your employee-facing resources like knowledge bases, articles, FAQs, and forms together. Automatically intercept repeating or forecasted issues with triaging and resolve queries with human-like precision 24/7.

Help employees with personalized support and interactions as IT Assist understands every user’s profile based on role, location, permissions, etc.

Work With

+ More


saved for every support
request answered by Paillor


reduction in call volume for IT and HR teams overall with Paillor


reduction in Level 1, 40% reduction in Level 2 support inquiries

Manage every apps, users and requests with powerful automations

For every employee coming into or out of an organization, there is a mountain of tickets and tasks that IT needs to resolve - most of which should and can be automated.

  • Schedule onboarding & offboarding 

  • Automate license and app optimization 

  • Creating account, deleting and updating

  • Automate SaaS tasks across core IT tools 


Deliver personalized support fast with Paillor’s advance ticketing system

Optimize ticket management, prioritization, and resolution on a large scale with a comprehensive workspace. This platform enables agents to operate efficiently, concentrate on critical issues, and provide tailored support through Slack, Microsoft Teams, or email.

  • Video, voice and remote control

  • Creating account, deleting and updating via use cases inside the help desk

  • Automate and analyze with G

  • Direct chat connects with users via Slack or Microsoft Teams

  • Connect and collaborate with multiple teams

Employee Support & Automations in Chat

Reset passwords, provision software, request PTO, update profiles, submit timesheets, and more gets trigger in chat bot via Slack, Microsoft Teams and talks with your automations.

  • Reset password, software requests, license request and many more

  • IT knowlage base for employees

  • Submit ticket, notifications and automation via chat

  • Real time employee notification over IT changes or updates

  • Automations trigger from directly chat



Access live chat directly from Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Email - streamline your inbox experience


Move seamlessly between tickets and conversations

Optimize your workflow with our advanced solution: effortlessly convert conversations into tickets, dispatch forms instantly, and share real-time updates with your team through both bot and email communication.


Optimize your team's productivity with our intuitive visual builder. Automate tasks through assignment rules, enforce SLAs, and leverage time-saving bots for efficient workflow management.

Team collaboration

Optimize your team's collaboration with our advanced interface, efficient workflows, and intelligent automation. Enable agents to seamlessly interact with employees through a unified Inbox.


Optimize team performance with real-time dashboards & monitoring for each request made by user or by system.


Voice and Video call

Enjoy crystal-clear 4K video and voice calls with our app, ensuring high-impact, effective communication as if you're there in person.

Key capabilities for IT Teams

For IT Managers

This service can help IT managers achieve swift resolution of employee IT issues, allowing them to maintain high service satisfaction scores and reduce the backlog of unresolved IT issues.

With powerful automation, IT managers can orchestrate complex workflows, reduce manual work, and reallocate team resources to more strategic initiatives.

They benefit from personalized support features, which can lead to better management of team performance and improved customer service levels.

For IT Technicians/Administrators

Technicians can manage every aspect of user and request through an integrated system, which likely reduces the complexity of tracking and responding to IT incidents.

Advanced tools may facilitate better team collaboration, making it easier for technicians to work together and share knowledge, leading to faster problem resolution.

The use of automated processes for repetitive tasks allows IT technicians to focus on more challenging and fulfilling work, improving job satisfaction.


CIOs can benefit from having a holistic view of IT service performance, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and strategically align IT services with business goals.

They have access to detailed reports, which can inform them about service performance, user satisfaction, and IT team efficiency, aiding in continuous improvement efforts.

With seamless integration between different IT systems and services, CIOs can ensure that the IT infrastructure is robust, secure, and capable of supporting the organization's long-term objectives.