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Simplifying operations with conversational AI and automation for effortless management

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SaaS Automation

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Paillor consolidates your IT content, tools, and automation by combining four solutions—Company Wiki, SaaS Automations, Help Desk, and AI Chatbot giving marketers fast, trusted access to what they need daily while providing insights to optimize performance, coordination, and impact.


With Paillor, facilities and operations teams get a single source of truth to centralize knowledge, creative briefs, and libraries—enabling employees to self-serve information and work smarter.

Key capabilities for Ops and Facilities


Instant, AI-powered answers from your systems

Employees get quality insights the moment they need them, reducing interruptions and improving uptime. Answers are sourced from connected apps and surfaced directly in your workflows and tools you use daily so the knowledge you need is always at your fingertips.

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saved for every support
request answered by Paillor


reduction in call volume for IT and HR teams overall with Paillor


reduction in Level 1, 40% reduction in Level 2 support inquiries

Streamline Your Facilities Access

Don't let employees wander in search of assistance. Paillor centralizes their journey, offering a one-stop solution for all concerns. From procuring new gear to securing office access, everything is manageable from their familiar chat interface.

  • Entry permits and workplace details for the users.

  • Security passes and corporate data that need to be access by end users

  • Admission cards and office specifics information and addresses.


Real-Time workplace alerts and notifications

From changes in facility access to maintenance schedules, broadcast specific updates directly through the chat platform, ensuring immediate reach and clarity.

  • Town-hall alerts and notifications for immediate actions

  • Instant notifications for new product launches and updates.

  • Deliver news on software releases and feature enhancements.

Provide swift, customized assistance sophisticated helpdesk system.

Manage and monitor your workforce attendance in real-time. Operations empowers employees to submit request such as like badge request, desk management invoice submission and many more.

  • Video, voice and remote control

  • Creating account, deleting and updating via use cases inside the help desk

  • Automate and analyze with AI

  • Direct chat connects with users via Slack or Microsoft Teams

  • Connect and collaborate with multiple teams


Unify Facilities Management

Avoid typical facilities-related complications by automating and streamlining routine tasks. Enhance the workplace environment by consolidating and structuring data in a single location.

Move seamlessly between tickets and conversations

Optimize your workflow with our advanced solution: effortlessly convert conversations into tickets, dispatch forms instantly, and share real-time updates with your team through both bot and email communication.

Promote Self-Service

Enable your teams to locate the information they need effortlessly, simplify approvals and requests, and boost the overall facility experience for everyone, regardless of their location.

Send critical updates that can’t be missed

Push timely information to teams, individuals, or everyone at your company and know when they've read it with a personalized, AI-powered homepage customized for every employee.

Enhance Workplace Experience

Do away with unnecessary interactions and concentrate on immediate solutions. Expedite access to facilities services by utilizing automated checklists, reminders, and more for superior engagement.

Voice and Video call

Enjoy crystal-clear 4K video and voice calls with our app, ensuring high-impact, effective communication as if you're there in person.

Unlock potential across your ops and IT roles

For Operations Managers

  • Consolidated system data and visibility into issues from connected tools

  • Self-service for employees with AI-recommended knowledge

  • Automated identification of knowledge gaps across operation stack

For Facilities Coordinators

  • Centralized SOPs and ability to track operations

  • Standards established across documentation

  • Improved efficiency through access to knowledge in daily workflows

For Chief Operating Officers

  • Unified knowledge base for entire operation stack

  • Insights into knowledge gaps to guide operation and facilities strategy

  • Accelerated innovation and change management