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SaaS Automation

Convert hours into seconds
with SaaS Management

Revamp your employee journey and boost operational efficiency by automating everyday IT, HR and other departments responsibilities tied to overseeing and securing your SaaS portfolio.


Automated processes for your business

Automation engine

Save time on configuration effort with
a variety of automation rules & triggers

Breadth of apps & actions

A cloud native platform with over 100+
integrations and 10.000+ actions.

No code playbooks

Create playbooks using simple drag-and-
drop controls that speeds up automation

Automate your
IT and HR tasks

Replace manual tasks with our powerful automation tools, freeing up time for higher value activities.

  • Schedule onboarding & offboarding 

  • Set-up real-time event triggers 

  • Automate license and app optimization 

  • Create risk management workflows

  • Automate SaaS tasks across core IT tools 


Over 100 Integrations for 10,000+ Use cases!

Connects with over 100 integrations, allowing you to create more than 10,000 actions with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

Employee Support & Automations in Chat

Reset passwords, provision software, request PTO, update profiles, submit timesheets, and more gets trigger in chat bot via Slack, Microsoft Teams amd talks with your automations.


Enable deeper, fine-grained provisioning actions

Go beyond basic SCIM account creation and deletion with 10.000+ automated actions that help scale access management to more than 100+ apps

Employee On-boarding

Notify HR managers via email or Slack when there’s a new hire. Once notified, admins and/or managers can request the apps the new hire needs to get up to speed from day one.


Employee Off-boarding

Remove all access with offboarding workflows when an employee leaves. Configure advanced actions like transferring user data to managers or wiping all session tokens.

Get ahead of the risk

Easily monitor your IT environment for security concerns and expedite remediation of any issues using customized automated workflows.

Seamless Offboarding, Assured Security

Simplify user exits with automated access removal and secure file transfers, minimizing data leak risks from manual offboarding.

Easily Organize Tasks with

Efficiently manage your workflow and tasks with our convenient drag-and-drop interface, boosting productivity.

Prebuilt automation

Easily monitor your IT environment for security concerns and expedite remediation of any issues using customized automated workflows.

Maximize Productivity from the Start

With Paillor, onboarding workflows use reliable data from BambooHR, Workday or others to ensure new hires have vital resources instantly.

Conversational AI

Natural language understanding (NLU) powered by the most advanced, Llama 2 is embedded into Paillor to assist employees.

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