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Get control over your apps, data, and users to ensure that all your security standards are being met.

Company Wiki

SaaS Automation

Help Desk

AI Chatbot


Paillor consolidates your IT content, tools, and automation by combining four solutions—Company Wiki, SaaS Automations, Help Desk, and AI Chatbot. This enables IT technicians and managers to track and get control over all your apps, data and users request ensure all meet your security standards.

This approach not only streamlines IT operations but also fortifies the organization's security posture and adherence to regulatory requirements, all through a single, user-friendly interface.

Key benefits of Paillor


Fend off Security and
Compliance Disasters

Paillor enhances compliance and security by automating identity and access management, ensuring accurate access rights from the start. Utilizing AI, it efficiently manages permissions, group memberships, and access to apps and licenses, all while securing data with robust audit trails.

This not only boosts productivity but also allows IT teams to prioritize strategic security measures, ensuring every employee has the right access, enhancing the organization's overall security posture and compliance with regulations.

Work With

+ More


saved for every support
request answered by Paillor


reduction in call volume for IT and HR teams overall with Paillor


reduction in Level 1, 40% reduction in Level 2 support inquiries

Quickly prove compliance

Help IT and security teams save time auditing potential exposures and demonstrating that security requirements have been met


Easily control access

Efficiently set up user roles and granular permissions for any SaaS app and automatically revoking super admin access from users when you exceed set limits

Effectively set policies

Customize file content scans to monitor for potential violations of security standards and enforce policies that protect against unwanted exposure.


Track all requests
coming by user

From changes in facility access to maintenance schedules, broadcast specific updates directly through the chat platform, ensuring immediate reach and clarity.

Streamlined Security and Compliance Management

Empower employees to manage and update their passwords and access rights, enhancing security. Track all changes to ensure compliance with organizational policies and regulations. Simplify this process without needing multiple platforms.

Collaborative Security Efforts

Use advanced platforms to foster efficient collaboration on security issues, ensuring everyone is aligned and informed.

Enhanced Security Onboarding

Provide essential security training and tools from day one, ensuring employees understand their role in maintaining security and compliance. Gather feedback to improve security protocols continuously.


Autonomous Security Practices

Allow employees to autonomously ensure their compliance and security measures are up to date, boosting their involvement and understanding of security importance.

Efficient Compliance Reporting

Utilize an intuitive system for easy access to compliance reports and security audits, ensuring quick responses to any queries or issues.


Elevate Compliance Adherence

Automate reminders and checks for security and compliance tasks, reducing the risk of oversight and enhancing the overall security posture.

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